Pandora's Box - A text based RPG based in the city of Calous, where the opening of the legendary Pandora's Box has caused the whole city to be over run by what can only be described as mythical creatures. Few are survivors, will you be one of them...?
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 Role-Play Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Role-Play Rules and Regulations   Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:14 pm

Role-Play Rules and Regulations

No Meta-Gaming

Meta-Gaimg is, basically, using outside knowledge to help your character during Role-Play. You and your character are not the same person, your character doesn't know everything that you do. For example, just because you've read that Werewolves are weak against Silver, doesn't mean that your character knows. Your character will have to be told, or find out the hard way.

No Auto-Hitting

Auto-Hitting is, simply, stating that an attack has hit without letting the one your trying to hit respond to it. If you wish attack another player, Beast Master controlled monster, or Boss monster, you must state the attack and then they will determine the outcome. Obviously, this outcome has to be realistic, you can't outrun a bullet. Of course, this works the other way around too. However, any monster you bring in to an RP you are free to Auto-Hit to your hearts content, but no BP will be awarded.

No Rambling

This may seem like a silly rule, but it is important. In posts, you can't just write a load of rubbish that means nothing, ramble on about the same thing, or repeat yourself again and again. This is simply because Experience is gained by how much you write, so what you write has to be worth reading.

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Role-Play Rules and Regulations
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