Pandora's Box - A text based RPG based in the city of Calous, where the opening of the legendary Pandora's Box has caused the whole city to be over run by what can only be described as mythical creatures. Few are survivors, will you be one of them...?
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 Amy E. Rayne

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Amy Rayne
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PostSubject: Amy E. Rayne   Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:47 am

Amy E. Rayne

Name: Amy Elizabeth Rayne

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Amy stands around 5ft 6inches tall with a slender body shape. Her eyes are sapphire, and her hair a bright auburn colour reaching just past her shoulders. Amy’s lips are full and a light glossy pink like small cherry blossoms sat on her pale skin. Dark blue and black makeup surrounds her eyes making them standout. While out in the city Amy wears orange goggles on her eyes and a gas mask over her mouth to help deal with the stench of the rotting corpses in the streets.

On her top half she wears a black hoodie with the arms rolled up to her elbows revealing a tribal tattoo on her left forearm, Amy usually wears the hood up when out of the bunker. On her hands she has a pair of fingerless leather gloves with holes in the knuckles and back of the hand. Her bottom half is covered by a pair of slightly baggy ripped dark blue scruffy jeans and on her feet she has a pair of red and black trainers.

Personality: Amy is a very distant and cold person, and never really talks about her feelings. She can be very rude, impolite, and uncooperative towards most other survivors. Amy’s views are unbending and she is very stubborn. When confronted by others she can become very hostile and sometimes physical. A very immature person at times with very little sympathy for others.

During combat situations she is very systematic, realistic and practical; only taking risks as a last resort. She can be very focused and determined when it comes to completing an objective she sets herself or fighting for survival.

History: Amy used to be a student at the local school before all hell broke loose over the city; she also studied two different martial arts and spent her free time on the roofs of the city. Her parents where respectable members of the city; her father was a member of the CCPD and often disapproved of Amy’s activities around the city, and her mother was a doctor at the local hospital.

Amy learnt very quickly that survival was going to be tough and sometimes even more difficult with others; large groups are easy targets. She lost both her parents trying to escape the city; when they reached the barricades around the city the army stopped anyone passing, that is when the mindless zombies started tearing at the flesh of the crowds. Amy lost sight of her parents in the sea of people and ran, climbing above the crowds she could see her mother cowering over her dead father, and then she witnessed the werewolves hunting in their pack. Although she wanted to help her mother she knew there was no way she could get to her before a werewolf could.

Amy found a small group of rouge military troops that had disobeyed their orders in hopes of survival from the creatures and angry crowds. She took refuge in their protection for a few weeks, soon their ammo ran out and their food ran low. Their little hideout was attacked by a single vampire with a dozen zombies; Amy grabbed a weapon and defended herself from the reanimated undead corpses. During the fight all the soldiers but one died, leaving only Amy and the soldier to carry on alone, no weapons, no food and no water.

They two spent a few days running through the city trying to hide from the monsters, after a while they came across a bunker, hidden and protected from the evil creatures. Amy now lives with the other survivors fighting back against the malevolence that roams what was once a human city; now an empty and destroyed urban jungle.


Slot 1 - empty

Unequipped Weapons - empty


Slot 1 - empty

Unequipped Equipment - empty


Stealth level 1
- Can hide in shadows
- Can steady breathing so it is harder to hear

Acrobatics level 1
- Can jump higher and further than most humans
- Can run faster than most humans



- 4 BP -
- 1341 EXP -

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PostSubject: Re: Amy E. Rayne   Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:34 pm

Good work.


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Amy E. Rayne
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