Pandora's Box - A text based RPG based in the city of Calous, where the opening of the legendary Pandora's Box has caused the whole city to be over run by what can only be described as mythical creatures. Few are survivors, will you be one of them...?
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PostSubject: Wyvern   Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:44 pm



Special Abilities

Capable of flight
Poisonous tail; Level 2 Medic required to heal




A distant relative to the Dragon. However, a much weaker opponent. They lack the protective scales of a Dragon, no way near a []Dragon[/url]'s collosal strength, and slightly slower in the air. But, that doesn't mean that they're not a threat. Wyverns tend to stalk their prey from above, following, always avoiding a shadow being cast over or infront of their prey, waiting for the perfect time to strike, sometimes grabbing their victims and pulling them up into the air with them. They claw and bite, but what you should really look out for is their poisonous tail, it's venom will make you feel dizzy and tired within a couple of minutes, making it hard to concentrate and after a couple more minutes, difficult to stay awake. Seek medical attention immediately if struck.

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