Pandora's Box - A text based RPG based in the city of Calous, where the opening of the legendary Pandora's Box has caused the whole city to be over run by what can only be described as mythical creatures. Few are survivors, will you be one of them...?
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 Learning How to Hunt

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PostSubject: Learning How to Hunt   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:10 pm

Learning How to Hunt

What are Hunts?

Hunts are special monsters that someone will hire you to kill. These Hunts usually give more Bounty Points than normal monsters, however, you may need a team of people to take down powerful Hunts. There is also sometimes some sort of prize for killing the Hunt too.

How to Accept Hunts

Hunts will be posted in the following format:

Name: (name of the creature)
Poster: (name of the NPC who posted the hunt)
Location: (where the creature can be found)
Known Abilities: (a list of abilities the creature uses - the information given may not be accurate)
Reason for Hunt: (what has this monster done that warrants it being hunted down urgently)
Extra Information: (any other information that maybe useful for the team, may contain hints on how to find the beast)

Then, all you have to do is post the following to accept the Hunt:

Team Leader: (the name of your team leader)
Team Members: (list all the names of other team members)
Profile Link(s): (post links to all the characters mentioned above)
Assistance: (ask for more team members or a specific character to join you)

After doing so, the Hunt will be accepted by the Beast Master or Poster. You will then be referred to a Topic to Hunt the monster, or asked to begin the Topic trying to find the creature. If you are successful, remember to take something back with you to prove you've killed it to claim your prize from the Poster.

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Learning How to Hunt
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