Pandora's Box - A text based RPG based in the city of Calous, where the opening of the legendary Pandora's Box has caused the whole city to be over run by what can only be described as mythical creatures. Few are survivors, will you be one of them...?
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 Born or Bitten[-will you survive a bite?-]

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PostSubject: Born or Bitten[-will you survive a bite?-]    Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:34 am

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Born or Bitten
will you survive a bite?

Humans have always thought themselves to be at the top of the food chain. With this position comes pride and fear of someone or something trying to take away that from you. Because of this fear, many stories have involved. But they are all dismissed as stories. One of this 'stories' is the legend of the Werewolf. A creature that is part human, part wolf and can change on a full moon. Wouldn't you be scared to find out this story is real? Created by the lycans themselves to lead humans astray. The stories of the full moon, silver, holy objects. All this things were created by the werewolves to give the humans a false idea. Today the lycans are dwindling and just trying to survive and to do that they have to, to keep hidden.

More to the plot on the site.
Many Staff positions are open.
Canon is open.
Literate Lycan Roleplay.
Friendly Staff and Members.
There are Free Graphics, if you ask the right people.

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Will you survive?
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Born or Bitten[-will you survive a bite?-]
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