Pandora's Box - A text based RPG based in the city of Calous, where the opening of the legendary Pandora's Box has caused the whole city to be over run by what can only be described as mythical creatures. Few are survivors, will you be one of them...?
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 Callum Winson

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PostSubject: Callum Winson   Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:44 pm

Callum Winson




Callum is small for his age, though this has never been a thing to stop him, he is incredibly skinny, but his body muscles are toned to perfection, Callum has short light brown hair and soft blue eyes, and is considered to have something of a baby face. Callum usually wears baggy combat trousers and a black camouflage jacket, the collar of which goes over the bottom half of his face, Callum is usually wearing a tight fitted cap to keep his privacy when he is talking due to general paranoia about being around people, he doesn't like to reveal his face.

Callum is a comical character, always making jokes and always being sarcastic in the face of death, its just how he is, and how he always will be, Callum never shies away from a fight, but he has never - EVER - fought fair, normally attacking from behind, aiming for obvious weak spots and reading peoples movements, like a slight limp, attack the right leg, holding their arm, attack the broken arm.

Callum was not born in Calous, he was born in England, and raised by a nice enough family with a little brother and a older sister, Callum gained mates pretty easily, his sense of humor was enough to grasp peoples attention and make them want more of his comedy acts as he did plenty of stupid things while he was at school, jumping off things, Callum was told by his school he should take up a hobby to focus his energy so he picked free running and so became him, the fastest kid in his school became faster. Callum then began high school and things in his life took a turn for the worst.

Callum's father past away, he was in a Spec-Ops team and was shot down, Callum took his mothers advise and didn't follow in his father's foot steps, he'd take a different path, and become the worlds fastest person, the worlds most agile, the best free runner ever. Callum knew his father would be proud of him, his older sister joined Spec-Ops and once her training was complete she was escorting a prisoner of war to a new location when her and her squad were shot down, the prisoner escaping with his comrades, his sister dead before they even had a chance to call for back up.

Callum moved out of his mums house as soon as he was sixteen and went to a university and did a two year course in athletics, this was around the time everyone at Uni began referring to him as ninja, due to it being what he was effectively. Callum moved back in with his mum during a gap year and they decided to go on a family holiday to Calous which was when chaos began, Callum's mother was killed by a minotaur, his brother was dragged away by some Vampires ripped about and fed up on, his blood helping them to live for longer, Callum hid running from place to place, scared and thinking of his own safety - now its time to fight back. and Kill. Every. Beast. That. Moves.


Slot 1 - none

Unequipped Weapons - none


Slot 1 - none

Unequipped Equipment - none


Stealth - Level 1
- Can Hide In Shadows
- Can steady breathing so its harder to hear

Acrobatics - Level 1
- Can jump higher and further than most humans
- Can run faster than most humans


- 4 BP -
- 1341 EXP -
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Callum Winson
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